The Holi Celebration Festival is held every year as the famous Indian Festival of Colors. Now this event is very special because it will hold the energy of the Supermoon. Spring has sprung with the seeds of new growth for this Virgo Moon. Just like the flowers that will begin their blooming process, so will you  as you spring forth to your higher self during this amazing full moon and celebrated event. So, let's paint the town with the colors of our soul! Come celebrate with us!


Join us Online (Facebook) and In Shop March 10th at 7pm EST for our big Holi SuperMoon Celebration: Colors of Spring. We will work with the items in this set. Click Here to reserve your spot.


The Items Presented in this Colors of Spring Holi SuperMoon Celebration Set are:

(1) Custom Crafted Selenite Star to represent our soul family in the sky. Each star was hand carved and infused with a specific Spring Energy that was generated by the Goddess Holi. The converstaion between myself and Holi was one of enlightment and to be honest, felt light and airy. I truly enjoy her energy! She felt like when a petal falls of a flower bed and slowly sways its way back to earth. So peaceful and serene. I wish to bring this energy to you with this special gift of cleansing, airy energy. Keep your mist and perfume cleansed and charged with this Selenite Star each and every night! 


(1) 8 oz Colors of Spring Spirit Guided Intentional Candle. Our new line of candles represrent the fire element tool in our every day rituals of soul cleansing. We take our time hand-pouring and creating these little gem filled Divine Lights of Energy. Created with beezwax and black color, as well as our new scent "Colors of Spring Divine Perfume" and crystal infused with Red Aventurine and Amethyst Crystal Chips. We've also sprinkled in swirls of purple, pink, and silver star like glitter to represent our fiery SuperMoon Energy amongst the stars. 


(1) 15 ML bottle of Colors of Spring Perfume. Each one is energy infused with a higher purpose and spring color energy. Our souls sometimes need a good spring cleaning, so with your Colors of Spring Perfume you will receive a Divine Prayer provided by the Guides in order to bring your higher self into balance and divine purpose. 


(1) 2 Oz. Colors of Spring Room Mist and Refreshner. My new mist is filled with the Goddess Holi energy in order to bring forth the magic of spring. 

This mist is specially infused with Red Aventurine and Amethyst crystal chips which will help assist your soul to a happy, delight that only Holi can bring during this time of Celebration. 


This listing is for one Colors of Spring Holi SuperMoon Celebration Set. Your items will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Colors of Spring Holi SuperMoon Celebration Set

Colors of Spring



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